“Coming Soon. Time is getting longer” – BARCELONA

Paolo Di Rosa, Coming Soon. Time is getting longer - BARCELONA

Hub/Art is happy to announce the opening of the new exhibition space Hub/Art Barcelona on 22 June 2022, from 18:00 to 21:30, in the Poblenou district at 183 Carrer del Dr. Trueta.

The exhibition entitled “Coming Soon. Time is getting longer” opens the space. A double solo show with the artists Paolo Di Rosa and Sophie Elizabeth Thompson, curated by Greta Zuccali, with the technical support of GAG London ltdInterface FM Iberica and the contribution of McVector ltd Media & Communication.


Time as a succession of events or as a measurable order of the becoming.

Time certainly suggests a plurality of meanings, whether considered in its objective dimension or analysed in its subjective dimension, that of eternity. In the universe of the arts, the category of time plays a central role, and the artists selected to participate in the exhibition “Coming soon. Time is getting longer” are well aware of this.

The first, the Italian Paolo Di Rosa, in his work cancels all connotations of space and time, setting his characters in a “non-place” and, as if in front of a mirror, asking the observer to immerse himself in this dreamlike, parallel universe.

His work is light, ethereal, and lunar. There is no gravity.

In his poetry recurs the representation of a thread, whether stretched or tangled, sometimes physical, sometimes just imaginary, which becomes the point of contact between the human beings and their environment. 

Moreover, it is…


Paolo Di Rosa, Sophie Elizabeth Thompson

Greta Zuccali

On display
22 June 2022
7 August 2022

HUB/ART Barcelona
Carrer del Dr. Trueta 183, 08005 Barcelona